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Loft I

With Loft I, the Related group of Florida makes its entrance into luxurious South Beach-style living at affordable prices. If you have always been on the lookout for real estate properties that bring the best things in life together and that too at prices that are within your reach, then Loft I is something you should definitely look at.

The condos available at the Loft I may be sized moderately, but they come with spacious surroundings and stunningly high ceilings giving an allusion of space. This 24-storey high-rise building has all the amenities one would want in a 5-star establishment but what makes it stand out is perhaps the building architecture. The ceiling is not only very high, it is also unpainted, ensuring that you have that ‘urban loft’ feeling. You can of course have yours painted. The floors come with glossy finish and you can have them carpeted or retiled if that’s what you wish, but we suggest that they are left as they are. The Loft I is one address that brings you the best of Miami and with the Metro Mover available just a short walk away, you are never really far from anything. Come and live in affordable paradise today.